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Bowties and Brotherhood

         Everywhere I go, I’ve always encountered at least one person who owns and wears at least one bowtie. These people tend to have the same style that I have. I find this very interesting, but I’ve never really inquired deeper as to why that is the case. When I meet these people, there’s usually an instant bromance that forms between me and the other awfully stylish person (but only when their bowtie is a self-tie). This feeling of mutual pride and respect helps me form bonds and friendships with other bowtie addicts.
         Bowties are an excellent conversation starter. It’s right in your face, and it sets you apart from others who may be dressed up. You could be wearing the most flashy necktie in the room; but if everyone else is wearing a necktie, it just isn’t as special. That’s another reason I wear bowties: they aren’t as common. They stand out and separate you from the rest, making people curious and, thus, prompt them to ask you about it, giving you an opportunity to start more conversations and make more friends.
         It’s the act of being unique that makes people remember you. Just the other day I had an interview to which I wore a bowtie. Almost half of the interview consisted of me and the interviewer having a grand time talking about our bowties and our different experiences with them. Even though I ended up not accepting the job, I’ll know that I left a mark on his conscience.
         I think that knowing that you’re not the only one with this style combined with knowing that you’re a rare breed is what forms the bond between bowtie wearer and bowtie wearer. We don’t have to know everything about each other to have pride in what we wear and to have mutual respect for one another. We are a small community, but it doesn’t matter; we know what we’re about. And we know we’ll spread the gospel.

Another bow tie

This happens to be the second bow tie that I’ve ever bought and the first one I’ve ever bought from eBay. The main color is forest green, and there are small, white polka dots contained in it. The outfit I’m wearing with this one is a white shirt, khaki slacks, and a brown belt and shoes. I must’ve tied and retied this bow tie a hundred times. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t practice on any other one, but I made it a rule to not touch my other bow ties until I’d gotten good at tying this one.